If you are like us, the anticipation of your next trip and the process to plan it are almost as fun as the vacation itself. In fact, studies show that many people are happier during the planning process than when on the actual vacation. This makes a lot of sense when you start to think about it. The average American receives only two weeks a year to potentially spend exploring the world, while we have the other 50 weeks to dream about our next adventure and plan for it.

About this site - View from Eze, France

Finding beauty from around the world (Eze, France)

That’s why we created Romantic Travel Report. You must make the most of the little time you have each year to explore the world and seek new adventures. For those with a significant other (spouse, mate, boyfriend, girlfriend, lover, or whatever you want to call him or her), you’ll want some of those trips to be lean towards the romantic side, especially since it has been shown that those couples that travel together, stay together.

Romantic Travel Report is both a site where we will share our personal travel stories in the form of travel reports to help inspire you and be a resource with tips, news, and other travel related information to maximize your romantic experiences. We want to help you bring love and travel together to keep the romance alive in your relationship.

The site is organized by the following main sections below for you to explore. Happy planning!

Music, Booze, and Food Trucks on Every Corner in Austin, Texas

On almost every corner in Austin, you can enjoy the sounds of live music while sipping on a locally crafted beer and eating from an almost gourmet food truck. Learn more about the music, booze and food trucks of Austin and why its nickname is “Live Music Capitol of...
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Enjoy Picturesque Views While Navigating Crowds In Yosemite National Park

A visit to Yosemite National Park provides some of the most breathtaking views on the planet. It is also relatively easy to get to and happens to be located in the most populated state in the United States. As a result, there are massive crowds in Yosemite at certain...
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Welcome Aboard The RMS Queen Mary – A Ship Larger, Faster, And Just As Historic As The Titanic

While you can't fall in love on the Titanic as Jack and Rose did in the 1997 blockbuster film bearing the infamous ship's name, you can do so on a ship that is larger, faster and just as historic. Be a passenger for a day on the RMS Queen Mary and welcome aboard your...
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Soak in a Hot Spring While Drinking Cabernet – Paso Robles, CA

Discover one of the best-kept secrets of California’s wine country, Paso Robles, which can be found halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Between bed & breakfast accommodations overlooking beautiful landscapes, thermal healing spas, and award-winning...
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5 Day Trips to Escape Los Angeles

Unlike many cities with large urban centers such as NYC, most of Los Angeles feels like an overcrowded suburb with distinct neighborhoods. There are lots to choose from. You can go from the riding the waves at the beach to sipping cocktails on a Hollywood dance floor...
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Two People, Two Lattes, and One Great City: Tasting Seattle in a Day

Grab a coffee and discover our recommendations for a visit to the city of Seattle, Washington and how to add a twist of romance. If you only have time to see Seattle in a day like we did, you’ll have to make some tough choices on what to see. We hope these...
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You Won’t Fall Asleep In These Poppy Fields

Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz when entering a poppy field, you too might find yourself unable to run and getting sleepy once you reach the California poppy fields at the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve. Unlike in the Wizard of Oz it won’t be because of a...
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When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do – Eat, Love and Admire

Rome is often a dream destination and on the top of couples travel bucket lists. It is arguably Europe’s greatest city in regards to a combination of culture, history, food, and beauty. Although Leslie and I only spent two days in the city and it was a family trip, we...
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Great Blogs For Every Niche

Romantic Travel Report focuses on helping couples plan their next romantic adventure through inspiring stories and travel tips. However, sometimes you are planning a trip where romance is not on the top of the agenda. Perhaps you are planning a family vacation with...
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Best Discount Airfare Site You’ve Never Heard Of

Discover the secret discount airfare site that CNN, The New York Times, and Frommer's Travel Guides are all raving about, but you've never heard of. Don't book your flights without checking here first!    When we first heard Pauline Frommer, from Frommer's Travel...
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Cheap Flights To The World’s Happiest Country

Taking a romantic trip to Europe can seem daunting. For those in North America, you need to travel across an ocean for many miles and hours. Having done it twice now from Los Angeles, I can tell you that there are ways to make those obstacles feel almost minor. But...
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Plan A Romantic Surprise Vacation In 7 Easy Steps

Surprise! We are going to (insert incredible destination here). Whether it ‘s a birthday, anniversary, or holiday gift, there are many reasons to plan a romantic surprise vacation for your significant other. Learn how to ensure success in 7 easy steps while you create...
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Why You May Be Happier When Planning Than During Your Vacation

Learn why you may be happier when planning than during or after a vacation. Also, find out how you can continue that feeling of bliss all year around and how planning is a great bonding experience for your relationship. Do Vacations Make You Happier? One of the...
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Eat, Drink, and Be Merry in Two Countries at the Same Time

Snapshot: Find out about a unique place where you can share a bed with your partner, eat, drink, and be merry in two countries at the same time. Also, there might not be beds in these other unique destinations, but learn where you can share a pint of beer, zip through...
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How Traveling Together May Save Your Relationship

Snapshot: Traveling together has numerous benefits for a relationship according to recent studies. Couples who travel together report having healthier and happier relationships. They also are less likely to split up compared to those who do not make time for romantic...
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Bolivian Salteñas and Salt Flats

A great way to learn about new cultures is through the tasting of their cuisines. Bolivian salteñas are hard to locate in many parts of the US, but we found them. We share our tasting experience and explore how to visit the Bolivian Salt Flats, one of the most...
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