Our Story: Travel Slackers Fall in Love

Over three years ago on our first date, we sat at a Napa Valley style restaurant in Southern California, Gary with a blue cheese olive martini and Leslie with a mojito, and began the process of getting to know each other. As the night continued and we moved on to sharing a bottle of Pinot Noir and some bruschetta, the topic of travel or actually lack of travel became the focus of our conversation. We realized that we had seen very little of what the world had to offer. Between the two of us, we had only been to a few Caribbean islands and the neighboring countries Mexico and Canada.

Life was passing us by quickly. With a world comprising of seven continents, five oceans, 196 countries, and numerous diverse states within the U.S. we had never explored, we had a lot of traveling to make up for our first 30+ years of slacking.


We are determined to make travel and romance top priorities in our relationship and hope that this blog will inspire you to plan many romantic trips.

As our love grew so did our travel bucket list and desire to experience more adventure in life. Since that first date in 2013, we’ve made some progress and have added four countries within Europe, two in Central America, and numerous US states to our list of experiences. Although we still have a long way to go, we are headed in the right direction to walk on at least every continent and swim in every ocean (Could we swim in the Arctic Ocean? Sounds cold!).

We believe that seeing new destinations, experiencing new cultures, trying new foods, and escaping the drudgery and routine working in corporate America can deliver at times will help keep the romance alive and strong in any relationship.

We are determined to make travel and romance top priorities in our relationship and hope that this blog will inspire you to plan many romantic trips with that special person in your life. Whether it’s for a honeymoon, babymoon, or just a getaway, we want to be a resource and help you in your planning. We will continue to travel and share our experiences to help you, but we also look forward to hearing about your adventurous and building a community together to make the best out of romantic travel.

Meet Gary (head writer and web designer):

Lounging around at Belize Jungle lodge

Gary’s love for travel started at a young age while reading fantasy books and daydreaming about traveling far and wide to their exotic lands. His curiosity with seeing new and sometimes strange places only grew as he got older and he became fascinated with history instead of fiction. He found through reading books and watching films that many real life places and cultures were just as fascinating a whole lot easier to get to than the places in the fictional stories.

Dreaming of a place to visit and then adamantly planning all the details of the trip is one of Gary’s most favorite things to do. While planning his honeymoon to France for over a year he read everything he could find online, listened to numerous podcasts, and bought every guidebook he could get his hands on. The anticipation and planning leading up to the trip was almost as fun as going on it.

After the honeymoon, Gary was a guest on the Join Us in France podcast to share his experience and help others. He enjoyed the opportunity to help people in their planning that he decided to start romantictravelreport.com to create a site that inspires couples and is a resource for planning romantic adventures. 

Top 5 Romantic Travel Bucket list:

  1. Tahiti
  2. Nordic region
  3. Greece
  4. Morocco
  5. Charleston, SC

Meet Leslie (Head photographer and Chief Destination Dreamer):

Leslie has enjoyed being in front of the camera since she was a young girl, but her desire to take the pictures started when watching the movie Step Mom and admiring Julia Roberts’ character who played a photographer. After her interest was piqued she took courses in high school and college where she spent countless hours in dark rooms developing and fine-tuning the craft.

Enjoying the beauty of Huntington Library

After taking a break for many years from her hobby she is now back at it as head photographer of romantictravelreport.com. Eventually, we’ll get her a proper computer, editing programs, and maybe even a new camera. But for now, we look forward to the beauty of the images she captures from her good old Canon or the latest iPhone.

 Top 5 Romantic Travel Bucket list:

  1. Tahiti
  2. Thailand
  3. Alaska
  4. Bolivia
  5. Spain