On almost every corner in Austin, you can enjoy the sounds of live music while sipping on a locally crafted beer and eating from an almost gourmet food truck. Learn more about the music, booze and food trucks of Austin and why its nickname is “Live Music Capitol of the World” and the official slogan is “Keep Austin Weird.”

Austin is known for many things. It is the State Capitol of Texas, home to the first Whole Foods and the Texas Longhorns, and is considered one of the most liberal cities in the state. However, there are three things that you’ll find on almost every corner in Austin that make it an outstanding location to visit on your next romantic adventure.

We’ll share what the romantic side of Austin, potential romantic breakers to avoid, and some tips for enjoying the best music, booze, and food trucks Austin has to offer.

What Makes Austin Romantic:

Romantic Makers:

Austin is not going to be on most people’s top list for a honeymoon. It is not the typical or traditional idea of a romantic destination. But, that does not mean it can’t be romantic in its own way. Sometimes a city like Austin is exactly what a couple needs. It’s unstuffy, down to earth, and at times just weird. It’s a city you can be yourself, let your hair down and just have fun!

Here are some suggestions on enjoying the Romantic side of Austin.

  • Slow Down and Relax

Austin may be a city, and at times a bit overcrowded on the main hangout streets, but it still has a feel to it that allows you to take it easy and relax. You can just chill while watching live music or a leisurely stroll through the downtown area. You won’t feel the hustle and bustle as you might in other major cities. We recommend spending some time on Rainey Street.

  • Explore Outdoors

You don’t have to go too far in Austin to experience some outdoor fun. There are parks to go hiking and kayaking like Zilker Park, lakes to go boating like Lake Travis, and if you want to add in some wildlife, you can head over to Congress Avenue Bridge and watch millions of bats fly out at dusk during the summer months.

We checked out the Barton Springs Pool, which is open to both residents and the public for a small admission fee and contains grassy slopes to lounge on surrounded by three-acre of water. The pool’s water is fed by a natural spring that maintains its slightly chilly temperature of 68 degrees all year round, which is the perfect spot in the city when temperatures reach the 100-degree mark.

  • Enjoy the Weirdness

Some say you can find weirdness on almost every corner in Austin. They might be right. You can also seek it out by visiting some of the more iconic weirdness hot spots. Some of those include the Cathedral of Junk, Hope’s Outdoor Gallery, and the homes with very eccentric outdoor decor.

Austin is currently going through a transformation and becoming more corporate causing many to fear it is losing its unique weirdness. Others say that as Austin gets larger and more populated, it will just continue to get weirder and weirder. Your best bet is to visit soon just in case the big box stores and fast food chains do indeed drive out the weirdness on every corner in Austin.

Romantic Breakers:

Personally, when almost every corner in Austin provides some kind of music, booze, and food trucks, it is difficult to let anything ruin a good time. Here is a list of some of the potential pitfalls from other couples traveling to the city.


  • Heavy traffic – we live in Los Angeles, the king of heavy traffic. But, maybe Austin is considered heavy compared to other parts of the country.
  • Excessive heat/humidity – you can argue with this one. It was over 100 degrees when we visited. I was sweat right through my shirt. No I won’t share pictures!
  • Crowds of college kids – Austin already seems to have a young population. If you go during the college semester, you are going to be with an added 50,000+ students.
  • Poor public transportation – unless you want to take a bus, you will have to either walk or drive everywhere. The city is spread out and walking in the summer heat might not be ideal. The good news is that they now have Lyft, Uber, and several local cab companies.

Best Place to Lasso a Kiss:

You have some lovely and serene places to choose from like being out on a boat in Zilker Park or strolling through the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. You could also go for an eccentric and downright “weird” place like the Cathedral of Junk or the Hope Outdoor Gallery. However, we have to recommend finding cozy corner at a bar, which you can find on almost every corner in Austin and enjoy some live music together.

Try a bar/house on Rainey Street, which offers a unique atmosphere.

Top Three Must-Do’s while Visiting Austin

  • Music on Every Corner in Austin

Called the “Live Music Capital of the World” because there are potentially hundreds of venues with live music performances almost every night. 6th Street and Rainey Street are two of the many popular areas where you’ll find performances that are very affordable and lots of times free.

Austin also provides many different styles of music. Don’t expect non-stop country because this is Texas. In fact, you will probably here more rock and alternative types of music then country depending on the venues you visit.

  • Booze on Every Corner in Austin

When I think of Austin, I think of Tito’s, which has become the most popular American made Vodka and for a good reason. But, Austin is home to several other liquor distilleries including Deep Eddy Vodka, Genius Gin, and Treaty Oak Rum.

Besides the hard stuff, there is a growing wine and locally brewed craft beer industry. We haven’t tried any of the wines yet. But, there are some excellent beers, and you can visit many of them for a tasting.

  • Food on Every Corner in Austin

When we say you can find something on almost every corner in Austin, we may be slightly exaggerating at times. But, when it comes to food trucks, that statement may be dead on accurate. The city has the fastest growing food truck industry in the nation with somewhere around a 1,000.

You can enjoy most of your favorite food from a truck and odds are the food will be outstanding. We saw trucks for Vegans, Greek, Creole, Tacos, Indian, and of course barbecue!

Final Thoughts:

Austin may not be a city you think of when you are looking for romance. But, there are all different kinds of romantic trips and sometimes eating good BBQ brisket washed down with a Tito’s Bloody Mary while listening to music with your loved one is exactly what you need.

Your Thoughts:

Did you find something unique on every corner in Austin? What was your favorite venue to listen to music and have a drink? Do you have a favorite food truck or BBQ spot? What did you find romantic about Austin? Please share your thoughts.

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