Romantic Travel Report focuses on helping couples plan their next romantic adventure through inspiring stories and travel tips. However, sometimes you are planning a trip where romance is not on the top of the agenda. Perhaps you are planning a family vacation with the kids, a guys trip, or bachelorette party. Well good news, there are blogs for every niche.

Through our relationships in the blogging community, we will be in search of other great blogs for every niche and share them here. 

Great Blogs For Every Niche

Top Recommendations:


The Traveling Traveler provides resources and inspiration for traveling healthcare professionals. Its creator Julia is a Speech-Language Pathologist who has a passion for travel, which turned into a career as a traveling healthcare professional.  She contracts to work short term assignments at different health care facilities across the United States.  In between assignments she finds herself traveling for adventure to other locations across the country and world.

Kamelia Britton is a lifestyle and travel blogger who balances work as a nurse with traveling the world and checking off her bucket list. She is a natural problem solver who thrives on the challenge of creating unforgettable life experiences while maximizing resources. She is also an international speaker and the founder of The Travel Hacks Academy

Maria is following her Bliss to travel. What truly makes her blissful and happy is traveling and exploring the world. Have you found your bliss? Follow her and get inspired to follow your bliss!

Bergn Street is a travel blog bringing insight to living life through exploring, experiencing, and ultimately, evolving as an individual.

Explore. – Out Your Front Door. In Your Backyard. And Well Beyond.
Experience. – Adventure. Change. And the Highs & Lows of Life.
Evolve. – Using Your Explorations and Experiences to Become the Best Version of Yourself.

Kat is a CPA by day and avid traveler in her spare time. Kat & a Backpack was created for the traveler who is short on time but full of wanderlust. Fulfill your short-term travel dreams one mile at a time!

Aaron is a full-time desk worker, full-time dreamer. He spends most of his days crunching data (in sunny Singapore), and most of my evenings dreaming of his next big escape, if not already there. His blog focuses on travels in Europe and Asia’s slightly exotic yet accessible places.

Only Once Today is a budget travel website. Lobke and Inge are a lesbian couple from Belgium, aiming to travel and explore the world. We share tips and tricks about destinations, budget travel, and of course LGBT travel.

Blogs For Every Niche

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