Taking a romantic trip to Europe can seem daunting. For those in North America, you need to travel across an ocean for many miles and hours. Having done it twice now from Los Angeles, I can tell you that there are ways to make those obstacles feel almost minor. But one major hurdle that stands for many is the cost of flying. Does touring a royal palace in the day and then dining on the once occupied shores of Vikings sound romantic to you? Well, there is good news in a recent announcement of cheap flights to the world’s happiest country.

The 2017 Happiest County In The World Goes To…

One hundred and fifty-five countries are ranked each year by an organization commissioned by the United Nations to determine their happiness levels. Norway has been declared the 2017 winner as the world’s happiest country for the first time since the report was created. Closely behind Norway are several other countries in the Nordic region. Happiness in America has continued to fall and now sits at 14 giving you even more of an incentive to plan a romantic escape to this region. Even better news is the availability of cheap flights to the world’s happiest country.

Cheap Flights To Happiness:

Norwegian airlines may be considered a budget airline, but it continues to win awards for being one of the best low-cost airlines throughout the world, winning the Skytrax World Low-Cost Airline Award several years in a row. In some categories, they beat out Virgin America Airlines, which in my opinion delivers an outstanding flight experience.

The new cheap flights to the world’s happiest country are limited to departures from six US cities, which include Boston, Los Angeles, New York, Ft. Lauderdale, Oakland, and Orlando. Rates start as low as $250 round-trip for flights that usually cost close to $1,000. Most flights are non-stop to Oslo, Norway and available for trips throughout 2017 in March, April, and May and late August through January 2018.

How to Book:

Sometimes deals are advertised, but it is difficult to actually find the deals when purchasing. I did a random check from Los Angeles for May 2017 and got a total round-trip fare of $529.90 per person. That is not too bad and makes me confident that if I wasn’t picky about flight days and times I may be able to get closer to the $250.

Keep in mind since Norwegian is a budget airline you do have to pay more for checking baggage, reserving your seat, and other extras. There is an option to purchase your ticket with all of the extras included called the LowFare+.

Conde Nast Traveler gives some great tips on how you can avoid the LowFare+ fee and help ensure you get the lowest rate possible.

Check Off Your Romantic Travel Bucket List:

Norway and the entire Nordic region are on the top of travel bucket lists for many. I have always been intrigued by some of the stereotypical things that come to mind such as Vikings, tall and beautiful people, and tasty beer and seafood. However, I’ve learned there is much beyond that with the environmental beauty and vibrant culture waiting to be explored. I hope to be able to see it all for myself one day soon for a romantic experience with Leslie. Now with cheap flights to the world’s happiest country your romantic adventure to the land of the Vikings can be a reality.

Some of the most romantic places to visit in Norway according to numerous experts include:

  1. Bergen – Norway’s second largest city, which overlooks the sea and is surrounded by mountains
  1. Tromsø – famed for viewing the extraordinary Northern Lights
  1. The Geirangerfjord area – a nature lover’s paradise with snow covered mountains, waterfalls, and vast greenery.

Check out lots of details on places to visit at the official Norway visitor site.

Please Share Your Thoughts:

Have you been to Norway or flown with Norwegian Airlines? If so, please share your comments and thoughts below on the experience. If you have not, is it a destination you are considering and if so, why? What makes Norway romantic to you?

All pictures used in this post are courtesy of Michelle Maria and Pixabay.