Discover the secret discount airfare site that CNN, The New York Times, and Frommer’s Travel Guides are all raving about, but you’ve never heard of. Don’t book your flights without checking here first! 


When we first heard Pauline Frommer, from Frommer’s Travel Guides at the Los Angeles Travel and Adventure Show recommend a discount airfare site named Momondo, we had never heard of it. After testing the site ourselves and saving hundreds of dollars, we are glad to now be in on the secret. 

Created by Danish developers, Momondo is a free, independent discount airfare search site that offers full price transparency across the market. Their goal is to provide travelers with un-manipulated listings of all flight prices for the entire world and make them accessible to everyone.

With an upcoming trip to Orlando, Florida we compared Momondo to other leading discount airfare sites and conducted a step-by-step test of the site’s functionality and user experience to share with you. 


How to Use Momondo to Get Discount Airfare Deals:


Momondo’s homepage and interface are easy to use and navigate. Right from the home screen, you can enter in you flight information to start searching for discount airfare. Choose Rome, Bolivia, or wherever your heart desires. There are also options for hotels and car rentals, but we have only tested for flights.



Next Momondo compiles all discount airfare deals across airlines, travel sites, and many low-cost carriers. The search is completely free, and there are no added fees from what we could see. 

From here you can narrow your search similarly to other travel sites based on your preferred departure time, the number of stops, and select between the cheapest, quickest or the closest overall discount airfare match.



Once you make your final selection, you’ll be taken to the discount airfare broker who will be selling you the ticket. Momondo is not a travel agency and does not sell the tickets directly. 



Before reading this article, you probably never heard of Momondo, but I guarantee you’ve never heard of some of the discount airfare brokers you’ll be buying your tickets from. However, there is no need to worry.

Momondo has fully vetted its partners, and once you book, all of your flight information will be transferred to the airline (i.e. Delta, American, Jet Blue, etc.). Your tickets will also be linked to your frequent flyer miles account as long as you entered in all your account information at the time of booking.  If not, you can call the airlines and have them link it to you. 

The process is very similar to booking through Kayak or Expedia. Except, you may find more discount airfare deals. 

Final Thoughts:

For our test, we found the airfare tickets through Momondo cheaper than any other site we compared, including the airlines directly, Google Flights and Kayak. Our roundtrip ticket price was $325 per person, and the next closest price on another site was over $100 more per person.

We can’t guarantee that you will find Momondo cheaper every time you search for discount airfare. However, based on our test we highly recommend that you give them a try before you book your next trip.

P.S. This post contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission to help operate this site (no extra cost to you) if you click on a link or image that goes to Momondo and purchase your tickets directly from that link. 

Your Thoughts: 

Have you ever used Momondo? If so, what was your experience and how much did you save?