Find out about a unique place where you can share a bed with your partner, eat, drink, and be merry in two countries at the same time. Also, there might not be beds in these other unique destinations, but learn where you can share a pint of beer, zip through at 50 miles per hour, or stand at over 29,000 feet high and be in two countries at the same time.

Choose Your Side of the Border:

Studies show the numerous benefits of romantic travel for the long-term health of the relationship. But, with the average American having only 2-3 weeks of paid vacation per year, it is difficult to choose between so many wonderful destinations. Why not try to visit multiple countries on the same trip? Or why not try to visit them at the same time?

Between France and Switzerland there is Hotel Arbez:

Sitting directly on the border of France and Switzerland is Hotel Arbez, which allows you the experience of having a glass of champagne and a macaroon in France at the restaurant and then afterward taking a bubble bath upstairs in Switzerland. Or even better, you can be in the honeymoon suite where the border cuts right down the middle of the bed! Spread out a little with your partner and you’ll literally be in two countries at the same time, which has a very romantic feeling to it.

The hotel itself is full of charm and caters to local ski resorts. Besides its uniqueness of being on a border, the hotel also has a fascinating history.

Hotel Arbez History:

While previously the hotel’s land sat entirely in France, a dispute over national borders during the era of Napoleon III resulted in a deal with Switzerland that moved the border so it sat between the two countries. The original owner took advantage of the possibility of tourists wanting to be in two countries at the same time and built a grocery store and pub.

The history of the hotel during World War II is even more fascinating. Germany had invaded and occupied France early in the war. Although Hitler thought of invading Switzerland, he never did and they remained a neutral country throughout the war. As a result, Nazi soldiers could not enter Swiss territory. This allowed part of the hotel to be a refuge for French resistance members and others that needed a place to hide.

Grab a Brew and a Burger Between Slovenia and Croatia:

At another European location, you won’t find a bed, but you can at least share a pint of beer in two countries at the same time. Kalin Tavern is not much of a tourist attraction since the two countries you are in are not always on the friendliest of terms.

Kalin Tavern’s border developed when the former country of Yugoslavia was divided up into multiple new countries after the fall of the Soviet Union. The 180+-year-old establishment is now split on the border of the countries of Slovenia and Croatia where political tensions exist. When you enter the tavern you can pick which country you will enjoy a brew and a burger marked by the painted yellow line on the floor.

Other Unique Ways to be in Two Countries at the Same Time:

If you love the concept of being in two countries at the same time, here are a few other unique ways to do it.

  • Climb Up Over 29,000 Feet

Mount Everest is only the highest mountain in the world and has some of the most treacherous conditions possible on Earth. But, hey if you make it to the top you can say you were in both Tibet and China at the same time, as its summit sits between the two countries.

  • Play Twister at the Four Corners

Although they are states instead of countries and definitely not as exhilarating as climbing up Mount Everest, but come on, doesn’t it seem fun to think about jumping from one state to another and visiting all four in a matter of seconds?

  • Zip Through at 50 Miles Per Hour

Go from Spain to Portugal at 50 miles per hour and hang literally mid-air between the countries while zip-lining over the River Guadiana.

Final Thoughts:

Leslie and I visit multiple countries almost every time we leave the US. We like getting a taste of different countries within a region since we don’t know when we’ll be back to that part of the world. Even during our trip to Rome, Italy, we left briefly to a visit the second smallest country in the world – Vatican City.

With limited vacation and often long travel times, you need to make the most of your romantic travels. You can do that with the unique experience of being in two countries at the same time. Just make sure you can find your way back across the border!

Your Thoughts:

Have you been to any of the destinations in this post? Or have you been to any other unique locations on the border of two countries at the same time? If so, please share with the community.

* Images are thanks to Pixabey.